No Kill Stamford CT

All homeless pets deserve love and a home.

The No Kill Equation

The "No Kill Equation" is a humane, sustainable, cost-effective model that works hand in hand with public health and safety, while fulfilling a fiscal responsibility to taxpayers.

Today, shelters collectively representing about 500 cities and towns across America, including those in Kentucky, Virginia, Indiana, Utah, California, New York, Texas and elsewhere, are saving animals and as high as 99%, using the programs and services of the “No Kill Equation”. Connecticut lags behind the rest of the country.

To see just some of the hundreds of No Kill communities and get shelter reform information here.

No Kill is:

  • 95% Minimum Adoption Rate
  • Public Health and Safety as vicious dogs are not adopted
  • Fiscal Responsibility to Taxpayers
  • Improved Public Satisfaction with Government

To see the programs and service of the No Kill Equation, please click here.